General Analytical Topics

Articles and book chapters written by Bob over a number of years.

Here are some articles and book chapters written by Bob over a number of years:

  • How Good Is Your Method
    A Questions of Quality column looking at the essentials of analytical method validation such as accuracy, precision, limits of detection and quantification etc.
  • Who Developed This *&!£ Method?
    A treatise on how to transfer methods between laboratories or if you prefer to look at another way, how not to transfer methods...
  • Is Your Method Specific Or Selective
    Debate on the terminology of specificity versus selectivity. Paper co-authored with Jorgen Vessman and Bengt-Arne Persson (AstraZeneca).
  • The Next In Line
    A Questions Of Quality discussion of autosampler sequences and system suitability testing.
  • A Question Of Balance Part 1
    Co-authored with Chris Burgess, this Questions of Quality column looks at the pivotal role that analytical balances play in the analytical laboratory.